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Beyond Themeparks: 2 Fun Family Adventure Tours By Disney

If you're looking to take your family on a fun vacation this year, you should consider a tour offered by Disney. While the company is most known for its world famous Disneyland and Disneyworld theme parks, they also run one of the more comprehensive tour companies in the world. The advantage to using a tour company is that everything is handled for you. The lodging, food, and more importantly, the activities. So you won't have to run around booking individual sightseeing guides, buying tickets for local tours, and waiting in line for events. Below are two adventure tours that are perfect for your family.


If you want to see some of The United States most beautiful natural scenery, as well as have an adventure, then Wyoming is ideal. On a adventure tour you will get to visit a dude ranch, raft the Snake river, and hike in the gorgeous Grand Teton Park. This is a fantastic trip for families with kids. The dude ranch is something that all kids can enjoy, from little kids who like to look at the animals, to older teenagers who will get a kick out of riding horses. Plus, everyone will love rafting on the river. It's not too dangerous that kids can't get involved, plus it will be a huge raft that has a tour guide on board, not a single kayak where you are on your own. There are also really nice hotels you will stay at, so you can relax after being out in the wilderness. So if you're the type who loves the idea of getting out in the wild, but are not really keen on camping and having to deal with snakes, bears, and ticks, then a Wyoming adventure package might be for you.

Costa Rica

If you prefer a more tropical climate, then look to Costa Rica. This is one of the world's most beautiful countries. On your adventure trip to Costa Rica you will get to enjoy white water rafting on the Tenerio River, as well as a boat tour of Tortuguero national park. Your tour of the park will take you past lush jungles, where you can see monkeys, parrots, and turtles. Finally, and perhaps everyone's most favorite adventure, is the zip lining excursion. Costa Rica has a very cool volcanic park that has zip lining accommodations set up. You will be able to zoom high over the park and see the beauty of the landscape from high up in the air. When you're done for the day, you will head to a resort caliber hotel where you can enjoy a great dinner and relax in your hotel room.

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