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5 Mistakes First-Timers Make When Traveling To Disney World

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular vacation resorts in the world. People visit it every day. If you're considering a trip to Disney World, then you need to equip yourself with five mistakes that Disney World rookies make so that you don't make them yourself.

Not Creating a Plan for Your Stay

There is a lot to do at Disney World. You may not necessarily want to plan out your trip down to every minute, but you do want to create a basic itinerary that you can look at. If you can just plan on which part to visit which day, it can help a lot. Plus, you need to know approximately what time you want to eat each day because you'll need to make dinner reservations (more on that below).

Failing to Make Dining Reservations Early Enough

There are a lot of restaurants and dining establishments at Disney World, but some are better than others. In addition, some offer the ability to visit with some magical guests while you eat. By placing your reservation six months or more in advance, you are more likely to be able to sit at the Royal Table at Cinderella's Castle or something similar. Otherwise, you may find that you are left with quick service dining.

Arriving Later in the Day

Some people view a vacation as the chance to sleep in, but if you're heading with the family to Disney World, then this just isn't an option. Otherwise, you miss out on the most valuable time of day. When the park first opens, the lines aren't long and you can get in several of the rides that you want to experience. You can then spend the afternoon watching shows, relaxing by the pool or napping. As things start to wind down, you can get back out there and enjoy a couple of final rides before the day is more.

Leaving the Strollers at Home

If you have little ones, then you must bring a stroller with you. This is true even for kids that are a little bigger that you don't think would need a stroller. Disney World is a big place, and it won't take long for your child's legs to wear out and want to be carried. A stroller makes it so that you don't have to carry your child while also giving you a place to store snacks, drinks and other odds and ends that you've accumulated from the day. If all else fails, you can always rent a stroller at the park.

Failing to Do Your Homework

Before you travel to Disney World, you need to know what you're getting yourself into. There are numerous parks, places to dine, rides and attractions. It can quickly become overwhelming if you didn't do a little bit of research about the places that you and your family most want to experience. Doing your homework will make the trip more enjoyable and much less stressful.

If you want to make sure that your Disney World trip is everything that you imagined and more, you may want to speak to a travel agency. A travel agent can make sure that you get everything that you need and can probably even throw in a few extras for you and your family. Try contacting a company like Temple Terrace TravelWorld for more help.